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Oh my goodness, this had to be the funniest blog that I have been on yet, I will not tell the whole staory about one of the post but I will tell you what I have learned,” If she doesn’t text you while she’s drunk, you’re not the one.” That was the most hilarious but honest statements I have ever heard before. Again the blog is Lizards in Your Ears (  and I think you all will like it.  Oh if you want me to promote your blog, fill out the contact form. 


Don’t Give Us Bull S**t Jobs Posts

So, I have been searching for jobs to put on the blog but every time I look further into posting jobs on the blog they come out to be volunteer jobs and I am not going to put volunteer jobs on this blog, I feel like in today’s economy people do not have time to be working for free, as rude as it sounds I have be honest. So I am still searching for jobs for the blog. 

A Good Freelancing Job Post

When you are looking for a freelancing position you must make sure that they have these important factors: 

Job Position: We are looking for writers who can write articles about Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Web Hosting, Application Hosting and related topics. 

Job Specification: You will be writing comparison pieces, How To’s or industry commentary. Articles will be 300-500 words. Examples would be articles like ‘How to choose a VPS provider’ or ‘cPanel versus webmin’ or ‘Why fast hosting is important for SEO’ or ’10 questions to ask your web host’. 

Job Pay: We’re paying up to $200 per published article. You will need to get your articles published on relevant sites which we approve as a guest blogger or guest writer. If you have get your article published on prominent sites or multiple sites we’ll pay bonuses. 

How to apply 

To apply please email Nick at and include the following:- 
• A paragraph about yourself and why you will be great at this role 
• Either links to two published articles which are relevant or include two writing examples which are relevant 
• A short list of the kind of sites where you think your articles will be published. 

If they are not being honest with the pay at the beginning then you may not need to apply for that position unless you want to be an intern, which is not an issue. 

* This is a real job posting*



Jobs for February 23

  1. Lead Fashion Blogger for Online Dresses Shop’s Blog – Long Island City, NY
  2. Content Writer/Blogger– San Carlos, CA
  3. Ghostwriter/Blogger/Reporter– San Fernando Valley, CA
  4. Passionate Blogger to Write About Enterprise Risk Management
  5. Creative Content writer / editor / blogger – Santa Ana, CA
  6. Spanish Blogger for Fast Growing Internet Marketing Company – Los Angeles, CA
  7. Real Estate .COM Seeks writer/blogger – West Lake Village, CA
  8. Content Writer / Blogger – Boca Raton, FL
  9. Looking For a Blogger for Real Estate – Maui, HI
  10. Excitable Email Marketer and Blogger Needed– Enfield, CT
  11. Blogger-Content Writer
  12. Looking for Blogger or Writer in Cedar Rapids – Cedar Rapids, IA
  13. Music Blogger Wanted
  14. Ghost writer for blog
  15. Sports Journalist
  16. BLOGGER for Andrew Christian Inc. – Glendale, CA
  17. Women’s Shoe Fashion Blogger Needed
  18. Mental Health Clinician Blogger
  19. Blogger for Milwaukee’s Finest Wedding Photography/Videography – Milwaukee, WI
  20. HR Tech writer needed in SF! – San Francisco, CA
  21. Website seeking writers for cosmetics/beauty product reviews
  22. Seeking Bloggers for Film Tracking Site
  23. Stylish & Talented Blog Writer & Social Media Guru
  24. Looking for Blog writer : Software made for Apparel footwear Industry
  25. Blogger about Footage, Video & Video-Software, Editing and Gear
  26. Looking for writers certification/s in health, medicine, nutrition and/or fitness
  27. Film Blogger Needed to Write List Posts
  28. Passionate Single Mom Blogger (Social Following a Plus)
  29. SPORTS Blogger Wanted – with Deep US Sports Knowledge
  30. Blogger – Technical Writer
  31. Cyber Security Blogger
  32. Awesome Fashion Writer Needed for Agency, 30+ Posts A Month
  33. Deputy editor for well-known corporate blog
  34. Entertainment Columnist for Movie Release Site
  35. Freelance Blogger for Consumer Electronics Co
  36. Freelance Tech Bloggers Needed
  37. Freelance Writer for Law & Technology Blog – Chicago, IL
  38. Ebook design and ongoing blogger
  39. Medical blogging and writing
  40. Construction/Home/Decor/Lifestyle Blogger
  41. Need a dedicated Blogger for company website
  42. Health and Fitness Blogger
  43. blogging for toy site

The Reason Why I Hate Craigslist

I have to be honest will you all, I hate Craigslist, and I have so many reasons why, but I do not have the time to write all 100 reason why I strongly dislike this website. 

I have been applying for jobs far and wide throughout my community and I have not found anything, I have never been so pissed off in my life. I was also looking for blogging jobs for the blog and I wasn’t able to find any true blogging jobs or writing positions that were actually true, oh no, they had fake jobs on the site. I have done everything possible to give this site a chance, but I believe the way this site could help me or anyone else is if I was selling an expensive item or sexual favors. I was so frustrated that I went to Yahoo Answers to ask, “Why do people hate Craigslist?” And you will be surprised with some of the answers I received.

Here’s the link to the question and answers : Yahoo Answers

Do you hate or love Craigslist, if so tell me why?