What the Hell is Blogging?

The True Definition of Blogging, well my definition

Blogging is a showcase of hobbies, careers, and life experiences for viewing audiences of the Internet. I made up this definition for blogging because of countless hours on my blog and interacting with fellow bloggers. Guess what? You can make money from blogging , people  that say you cannot make money from blogging, I believe have had some bad experiences  and just wanted to blog for money and nothing else. There’s more to blogging than just making money, use  your blog to help others and a learning experience.

What should I blog? 

Blog something that you love whether its a blog about ants or global warming you are not the only person in this world that loves to talk about ants or global warming.

How should I start my blog? 

Before you start a blog you will need a pen and paper to ask yourself six important questions for your blog: Who will be your target audience? What are you  blogging about ? When will you post (everyday or once a day) ? Where are you going ? How are you going to attract your  audience? Why are blogging?

How can I get paid with blogging?

Of course you can write blogs for other bloggers ad you can go to sites such as Problogger, Indeed, About.com,  Craigslist (at your own risk), and your can start an account with oDesk and Elance. Google Adsense is another place, but I am not too sure if you want those ugly ads your your blog. Affiliate programs like Commission Junction which is  pretty much internet marketing for a business. Sponsorship or private ad sales or running campaigns.

I am a big fan of Problogger.net so if you are interested in reading more information about earning money by blogging then go to the site.

Links to look at: 

Make Money Blogging

ProBlogger Blog Tips – The Blog


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