Five Top Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

I am a new blogger but  I am not new to blogging, I have seen some of the most mind numbing blogs in my life, so I painstakingly went back to some of those crappy blog posts to give you five reasons of a bad blog. 

Here’s the top five: 

1. Slang or Lingo

  • Unless you are a Hip-Hop Blogger for or, you should not be using any type of Ebonics or new cool terms for your blogs.              

2. Using Text Message Language

  • Do not use text words in blog posts
  • For example, “Be Right Back (B.R.B) ,  Laugh out Loud (L.O.L) , or Laugh My Ass Off (L.M.A.O)          

3. Selfishness

  • A blog is about your experience but you must find a way to communicate with your audience for commonality.

4.  Bad Tags or Lack thereof 

  • If you have a good post use as many tags as possible and make sure they match with your post

5. Bad Choice in Naming your Post

  • You have a well written post and no one has liked it in three days, you may have a bad topic post. 



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