A Good Freelancing Job Post

When you are looking for a freelancing position you must make sure that they have these important factors: 

Job Position: We are looking for writers who can write articles about Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Web Hosting, Application Hosting and related topics. 

Job Specification: You will be writing comparison pieces, How To’s or industry commentary. Articles will be 300-500 words. Examples would be articles like ‘How to choose a VPS provider’ or ‘cPanel versus webmin’ or ‘Why fast hosting is important for SEO’ or ’10 questions to ask your web host’. 

Job Pay: We’re paying up to $200 per published article. You will need to get your articles published on relevant sites which we approve as a guest blogger or guest writer. If you have get your article published on prominent sites or multiple sites we’ll pay bonuses. 

How to apply 

To apply please email Nick at press@ServerMule.com and include the following:- 
• A paragraph about yourself and why you will be great at this role 
• Either links to two published articles which are relevant or include two writing examples which are relevant 
• A short list of the kind of sites where you think your articles will be published. 

If they are not being honest with the pay at the beginning then you may not need to apply for that position unless you want to be an intern, which is not an issue. 

* This is a real job posting*




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